Fonderie Valdelsane is internationally acknowledged as the most experienced and specialised firm in the production of rough glass moulding components.

Its specific focus on training of the staff, who have grown up with the Company, continuous modernisation of the plants, and enhancing the quality of special alloys, have been rewarded with the achievement of increasingly ambitious goals.

Today as in the past, the identity of the Foundries is strongly linked to the production of glass: a pure, immutable and safe material, which is also synonymous with environmental sustainability. The material of the future, rooted in the distant past, just like Fonderie Valdelsane.

models department

  • Drawings are prepared and revised, defining specifications and feasibility, and patterns are produced.
  • CAD/CAM programs, directly connected with CNC machinery, allow for well-stocked customization and high-speed processing.
  • The department is rationalised in order to handle more than 45 different mould codes every day.


The many production steps require long processing times to ensure high quality. In order to minimise these processes, over the years Fonderie Valdelsane have developed high technology facilities, where automated machinery has led to the increasing specialisation of the workers, now mainly involved in controlling and monitoring tasks.

Today, the company has two rotary furnaces of 10 tons each and other induction furnaces having a capacity of 30 tons and smaller ones. Conveyance and casting of metal alloys are carried out using automated systems capable of ensuring continuous monitoring of chemical compositions and temperatures, in every single step. Five automatic casting and cooling lines for cast iron and one for bronze enable us to manufacture the daily quantities, which average 60 tons.

The castings are separated from the sand in the shakeout tunnels, and then heat-treated in one of our nine annealing furnaces set aside. The material is finished by shot-blasting, where each process cycle is entirely managed by automated machinery.


The laboratory is equipped with high technology and precision tools that accurately determine the physical, mechanical and chemical specifications of the analysed alloys.

Its main task is to monitor the materials during the different stages of production.

Our Reports, generally reputed to be among the most authoritative on an international level, are often requested also by our customers and considered an important post-sale service.

The Analysis Department is equipped with:

  • Spectrometer
  • Sand control plants, which include automatic monitoring instruments that ensure constant uniformity, and other more specific instruments for accurate analyses
  • Microscopes for microstructural analyses, with integrated software for the examination of digital images
  • Stereoscope for surface analysis
  • Vickers durometer for microhardness measurement
  • Wolpert HBS 3000/10 durometer

shipping department

The warehouse, inaugurated in 2013, stretches over more than 2000 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, in terms of both speed and accuracy:

  • Laser reader capable of deciphering the alphanumerical codes of any item moving on conveyor belts
  • 18 fully automated sorting lines
  • Automatic packaging machinery with certified weighing system
  • Packaging in compliance with current international regulations
  • Fleet of 5 trucks and strong partnerships with selected freight forwarders, for EU and worldwide deliveries
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