Fonderie Valdelsane continuously enhances the quality of its products, making them not only increasingly easy to handle, but also more resistant and durable.


Our current catalogue no. 16 includes twenty-one different chemical compositions for cast iron and copper alloys, not to mention all the other customised alloys. Our know-how and the technology at our disposal not only enable us to meet all our customers’ requests, but also allow us to support them in seeking the best materials for specific glass-working purposes.

cast iron

Our K250 cast iron has become an international reference point for the manufacturing of moulds and accessories. The Company offers different solutions:


This easy to work cast iron of high thermal conductivity is commonly used for high-speed glass productions. Our continuous research for new solutions presently gives our customers the opportunity to choose from 12 different chemical compositions, available on our catalogue.


This material was studied and developed in order to have a specific graphite structure that makes the inside of the mould in contact with the glass surface very compact, shiny and polishable. It is specifically suitable for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields, and more generally for high-quality glass productions.


This kind of cast iron provides for high strength to mechanical and thermal stresses and is also very brilliant on the glass contact surface. Vermicular graphite cast iron is highly indicated for special productions, such as spirit vodka and whisky.


The special Fonderie Valdelsane copper alloys were studied and developed with a view to offer the highest thermal conductivity, ease of metallisation, resistance and durability.

In recent years, the Company has applied great efforts to improve the technical specifications and production capacity for this material. Significant investments have been allocated to research for new chemical compositions and production processes, as well as new automated lines dedicated to copper alloys only.

Today, Fonderie Valdelsane offers five different high-quality types of bronze, at very competitive prices.

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